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Front End Developer - London - Contract

Europe (EU)
Posted: 26/02/2019

£250.00 - £280.00 / Day

Candidates will be part of a team that builds innovative tools to enable a field operations team to automate their processes and documents. Our particular focus is on creating visual applications that inspire the user while achieving this goal.

You will be working on a tool that provides visual network schematics and perform complex analytic assessments on network test results.

Future releases of the software will include integration with APIs for systems that handle project management, workflow automation and a network inventory.

Qualifications Requirements

● Strong programming ability in Javascript.

● Knowledge of SQL, relational databases and other data storage solutions.

● Strong ability to communicate technical concepts clearly and effectively, with fluency in english.

Preferred Skills and Knowledge

● Experience within Agile environment- preferably familiar with TDD using Jasmine.

● Experience with Angular 2+ or similar such as react.js or vue.js

● Experience with visual data driven libraries such as cytoscape.js or D3.js.

● Experience with go language and protocol buffers.

● Knowledge of workflow systems.

●Experience working in UNIX/Linux environments.